Oh LJ...

While I rarely have the energy or mental clarity for a fully fleshed out blah blah in the livejournal, I almost always have the energy for picspam over at tumblr.

I'm still playing with the formatting. But you get the idea.

I think most of by brand of "blah blah" is being taken care of by more capable people these days. And there's that whole time/effort aspect. I'm happy to write to empty rooms so it's not lack of audience that bothers me. It really comes down to not having anything to say that can't be summed up in a single sentence with an exclamation mark and maybe the word "bitches" thrown in there somewhere.

I'm in a weird transition period right now where I'm figuring out what my next phase is. Because it's happening. And for a change I think I should be aware of it before it's finished. It would be neat. So who the hell knows.
Maybe I'll makeup my way through Kevin Aucoin's Making Faces, realize I'm really a huge bulldyke, and start setting my husband up on dates. Or maybe I'll just... ya know... take up roller skating.

The Queen is Speaking

Yep, still feeling old

Well alright, Semagic has changed more than a little since the last time I used it. Heh. This is pretty ridiculous.

Because Tamara has chosen to CAST SHAME on me repeatedly I decided to actually grab and use the client so I don't have any excuses. Expect for the big excuse that I tend not to have much to say these days. Which in and of itself I guess is noteworthy because, man, when the hell have I ever been at a loss for words? Doesn't happen often, folks, and it's usually drug induced.

Work is pretty overwhelming and fulfilling by turns. Nothing I can't handle and nothing that's going to make me hit panic attack land any time soon.
My husband is awesome in all ways. ALL. WAYS. Awesome. yay!
My dog rocks. She is a rock star and she will rock your face off. And something else with "rock" in it.
the cats - awesome.

Uh... yeah... I'm doing well. I'm sure I'll hit a talkative patch, though, and NOW I AM PREPARED. whoooo

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I think I need to remember to keep the LJ open in the background. Download another client for it and actually run the thing. Maybe that will increase my usage?

What LJ clients are there even these days?



I forget I have this thing. I still log in and read entries from you people. But mostly it's entries from people I don't really know. Because everyone has apparently moved off to twitter or facebook or twitter and facebook or myspace or... whatever Web2.0 community is the shitnizzle this week.

So I'm going to try harder to use this thing. I make one of these posts every 6 months or so, but no srsly, like, ferreal, I mean it.


I make a lot of non-meaningful updates and statement in other communities and they never make their way back here long form thought is hard and I'm brain lazy these days. But that's a shitty excuse and so I'm gonna stop doing that.

I'm not promising any NaNoWriMo action or anything like that. I'm just baby-stepping back into journaling. Because endless navel gazing is surely the therapy on a budget that my friends list adulation makes me think it is... right?

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Scott! Alicia!
I am soooo gonna call you guys. It's pretty much 99% work related so do I call the number on your site (where it says to ask for scott anyway) or some other number? Email me and tell me what to do. I'll have something official set up for Monday (a little gotomeeting action, I think)if you're available but I'd like to get talking as soon as possible.

Apparently this is the kind of message people put on Facebook these days but I forget I even have one of those for months at a time until someone mentions in a cranky way that "well, I put it on my facebook..."

Ready for this year to be over

My mom called today. Ever the bearer of awesomeness (that's sarcasm) she was calling to tell me about my brother in law.

My sister and my brother in law have finally after 17 years realized that they sort of hate each other and that this "I'm not talking to you for 2 weeks" shit every month has to stop. So she brought up divorcing and he was amenable and seemed okay. They've been stuck in a shit financial situation so they're slowly separating, still living in the same house. It takes a long time to get your life untangled when it gets that tangled.

Apparently my sister slept in on Sunday. When she got up, she took a shower, lazed around the house a bit... then realized Bill wasn't there. So she thought about looking for him. But, ya know... they're starting the process of a divorce. So she waited. But after awhile she thought it was strange enough that she started looking around. She didn't see him around the house. So she peeked outside, saw his truck was still there.

She went out to ask him what he was doing and discovered that he had a hose running from his exhaust into his window, that he was non responsive, drooling all over himself, half dead from the carbon monoxide. My sister who has worked in the medical field for over 20 years freaked out and called my mom to ask what to do...

So they get an ambulance out there and got him to the hospital. They treated him with high oxygen levels and kept him under observation all day asking him basic questions. No signs of brain damage, no permanent damage of any kind. They transported him to a psych ward where he was supposed to be for 7 to 10 days but they're releasing him tomorrow on condition of his keeping his psych appointments.

My sister feels guilty, blames herself. This piece of shit who has been nothing but selfish and self centered and lodged so far up his own ass it's always been amazing pulled this shit and my SISTER blames HERSELF. I'm just so angry at him for doing this. Because my sister is wrecked. She had just started to get herself back together, to give herself a break, to realize that not *everything* is her fault and this walking sack of worthlessness has fucked that up. AGAIN.

He's never been suicidal a day in his life. And then this out of the blue. It really makes me think the worst of his motivations. But it really doesn't matter why. It's done. And god damn him if this makes Wendy backpedal and go back to the shit she's put up with all these years.

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McCain made a completely gracious concession speech. Had the McCain making that speech been visible at ANY TIME during the last year he might had a closer race. As it is, his supporters still can't stop themselves from booing like children, yelling things out, grimacing and frowning and generally looking like someone just shit in their mouths.

I know your candidate lost. But I thought you guys were all about the sanctity of service? You don't boo the President Elect.

I'm happier than I was. Still not really de-stressed. But for the first time in my life I'm living in a blue state. Good job "fake Virginia"!