A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

So I'm feeling better now.
Still not ready to run through daisy fields, hand in hand with hitler, singing a happy song about beer and veggie brats.
But I *do* feel better.
When I get into these moods. It gets really damned hard to bite my tongue. So the first thing I think comes spewing on out. And nine times out of ten it is very less than nice.
I spend the vast majority of my face to face time specifically avoiding saying what I really want to say.
Sad sad sad way to live.
But no one really wants to know what it is i'm thinking.
I mean .. hehe.. no one really wants to know what ANYONE is thinking.
Not really.

Robert... who had sort of become the father figure (a father figure who doesn't beat the crap out of you.. whodathunkit?) has gone off the deep end with it.
He brought me pamphlets today about drug use.

I think Tim is trying to hook up with me again.
I haven't talked to Dan in awhile.... kind of miss him. Maybe he's teaching me a lesson. Or maybe he's just busy.
Mister Questions hasn't written in awhile either... but that could very well just be because he hasn't been bored enough.
I *know* I'm his last resort. I'm too freakin difficult to be anything else.
I still don't like people in general. But I'm getting better at picking out the ones who won't make me puke.

I think I'm okay.
That means nothing to any of you .. cept maybe one of you ... because you don't really know what was wrong.
But I think I'm okay now.

for a little while anyway...
I'm sure something will change my mind a week from now.

By the way... did you know that minimum wage is $5.50 an hour?

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