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::my mom pokes my in the head:::
me: "HEY! Did you just stab me in the head with your pencil?"
mom: "yes"
me: "I *knew* it."

::an hour later:::

me: "my head hurts like a bitch all of a sudden. I bet it's from when you stabbed me in the head with that pencil""
mom: "probably. I was hoping it would wipe you out right away, but you've got a hard head and it didn't really penetrate the skull"
me: "So you've just given me graphite poisoning instead. You know it makes you puke alot and eye ball bleeding is a common side effect... your carpets are going to be a mess..."
mom: "It'll be worth it."

I dunno how to feel about all that.
We're either the adams family or just really fuckin weird.
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