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The forefathers, I think, would be happy with their experiment.
They weren't the noble leaders we got taught.
They were politicians
just like all those senators we have now.
Hell bent on their careers.
They'd be glad handing bush and screaming down the environmental lobby and marvelling over how efficient it is for the representatives to just not worry about what the silly constituency have to say.
wish we'd thought of it!
They'd clap strom thurmon on the back and try to convince him to go for another term.
And they'd look at our congregation of old thinkers in the congress and applaud our prudence.
The forefathers would be proud of our country today.
Because they were never chivlarous and they were never noble.
They were just a bunch of rich white men who got tired of being told what to do.


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Jul. 4th, 2001 02:35 pm (UTC)
Heh. You know, I find this need to drag down historical figures to make them comparable to our worst politicians as dull and as ridiculous as the need to make them larger-than-life heroes. Try studying up on them a bit more, particularly Washington and Jefferson, and see if you still come to this conclusion.
Jul. 4th, 2001 02:51 pm (UTC)
I've done plenty of reading up on both of them. On as many as I can. I didn't drag down anyone.
I'm just pointing out that since the inception of this country it hasn't changed a whole hell of a lot. Just a lot of business as usual.
The things that have changed are the *people* and the *size*.
If we would hold our representatives as responsible as we once did, in Jefferson's day, and in Washington's day, then maybe we would discover that we *have* something to be proud of in our government.
Most people really just don't *care* enough on a day to day basis to play watchdog to our legislators. I'm sure there's some modern day statesman who are just as worthy of praise as a handful of praiseworthy forefathers. And if you want to dig through the shit to find them, you go right ahead.
If Jefferson knew he was governing a group of people who really did care more about their gaddamned tvs than they did about the nature of their country then you can bet your ass that he'd be just as corrupt and all over nasty as the mass of our leaders now.

By the way, I dunno if you know this but... That was really damned pompous. I appreciate your opinion, but it's easier to have a discourse when you don't assume that I have no clue what I'm talking about.
But sure, I'll take your advice and read up a little more.

Jul. 5th, 2001 04:08 am (UTC)
Pompous? Just responding in kind.... ; )
Jul. 4th, 2001 03:57 pm (UTC)
heh.. and what I would have said had I been thinking about it...
Pulling out Jefferson and Washington from the whole gallery of rogues that were our forefathers and citing them as an example of the prevelant decency is a little like pointing out the two monkeys that *aren't* masturbating or throwing poop in the monkey cage.
Looking at our history, the majority of our statesmen have been decidedly less than noble.
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