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As you can probably see from the last several entries, I really don't have much to say. But i'm just a freak.. I Have to keep talking.
At one point in time this was because there were people in the world out there who would have freaked out had I not kept it up. If I were to drop out for a day it would be noticed and worried over.
Now, that's not really the case.
It's just a force of habit now.
I have a strange relationship with attention. It always seems I get it when I don't want it and usually from the people that it's rather frightening or tedious to have it from. That isn't *always*... just seems to be the general way of things.
I'm tired of being in these dimensions only.
But I know flesh and blood lets me down just as much.

And it makes sense to *me* to say that... and I mean it for me.
So it makes sense.
and it's probably better like this... flat and vaporous.

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