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I think I'll make cookies.
Some marbled cookies
And some orange and chocolate cookies.
maybe some lemmon poppy seed cookies too.
I feel like being domestic a lil. Baked goods have always been my forte. Baked goods and minimalistic cooking.
I need a flint for my pipe lighter. There is probably a pack of flint in the bag with all the zippos upstairs. You know they used to sell flints at the front of every register in every store around here? And now there's nothing. A lot of them don't even sell lighters at the checkouts. You can pick them up in their special designated cigarette area... and that's about it. Unless it's a convenience store or a lil shop attached to a gas station... Then you've got every sort of lighter you could think of, gailey displayed.
Raised awareness about the effects of nicotine severly reduced the availability of pyromaniacal tools.
It really is a damned shame.
I know that one of the packages I sent to the west coast made it out there (and I'm really ashamed that the only thing I could offer were stickers, a goofy and late birthday card (that might still be on its way) and gummy worms.. beh.. ) so I'm hoping the other one did too.
heh, probably won't know until say .. sixish..
he likes to sleep in, ya know.
I have a skelebunnies comic sitting here with lil Devil Woobies all over it.
And I think I'm gonna have to scan some of them and make them lil icons becase they really are just too gaddamned cute.
More coffee more coffee more coffee.
I can't believe it's 2:30 already... what the hell happens to my days?
I guess I'll go get to those cookies. Wish I could play outkast while I bake. That would be pretty much awesome.
Hmm.. just realized I have to let butter soften first.
Guess I'll putz instead.
Guess I'll send this too.
Guess.. hehe.. I do that a lot..

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