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Rhettt: Wanna go to Vegas and get married?
ME: uh. only if we can do it in an elvis setting
Rhettt: Do they do it any other way there?
ME: Some of them are inexplicably cowboy themed.
Rhett: Really? Oh.
Rhett: Of course we can do it in the Elvis setting.
ME: and we have to play "blue velvet"
ME: and you have to suck on a lil tank of nitrous
Rhett: Not Anthrax's version of "Bring the noise"?
Rhettt: Why nitrous?
ME: the movie
Rhett: Oh.
Rhett: heh
Rhett: I thought you meant the song.
ME: heh, well, yeah the song.. but you have to do a hopper impersonation the whole time
Rhett: Instead of all these stipulations you could just say "no".
ME: hehe
ME: that would be so EASY though

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