A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Go read this.

It's a mind fuck.
One thing I've learned for sure: if your town has zombies it does no good to
call an exterminator. Usually everyone will die before help can arrive.
Zombies are terribly contagious. Sometimes when I am aware of being in
routine spaces I am reminded of how close we all are to the teetering edge
of quiet desperation. Hamlet seemed to feel as if he walked in a zombie
world. Denmark, like our world, was rotten with decay and corruption.
Nothing lasts. Everything has a fatal flaw. When I was a kid my dad used
to lament: why can't they build things that last anymore? I wonder if
'they' ever did build things able to last. Is it reasonable to expect human
engineers to do something that god couldn't? The huge rates of depression
in our society may be a symptom of our awareness of the great cosmic ripoff.
As Philip K. Dick once said, "It's a cardboard universe and if you lean too
hard against it you fall through." Monsters are a reflection of this
reality. Life will dish up the distasteful from time to time. Things
horrible to face like death, the inevitablity of decay or just plain ennui.
Flash your mind back to Calvin of the old comic 'Calvin and Hobbes' fame.
Try to remember him sitting at the kitchen table. In front of him is
dinner: the infamous monkey brain stew. His look of disbelief is one we've
all felt. Is this for real? Isn't there something else on the menu?

It's insanity.
And I'm diggin in.

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