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aye carumba

Christ almighty I love this damned song.
ANd ya know.. I think I'm gonna take a lil cue from azmatiq and list some things I *like*.. just because I've been a negative lil whore.
(and I'm over that word. I'm so glad I'm finally over that word. That rocks)
I Like:
.... This song. Outkast is fucking incredible.. thanks to MLL for sendin this to me...
.... Having someone to finally fucking GET IT
....grooving in the house, headphones on, eyes closed, shaking my ass... my bubble of sound... my world complete...
.... slurpees
.... Drink umbrellas
.... gift packages
..... 8 hour phone calls
.... vitriol, wit, word smithing, art made with voice and mind and lexicon..
... the phrase "subvert the dominant paradigm"
.....reading to someone
.....re reading something I've written and smiling at it...
....hanging up the phone and putting my head on the pillow with a smile turning my lips.
...waking up with that smile still there...
.......sanctioned and promoted mockery...
and .. wow.. oh wow.. so much more.
I like so so so so much.
Right now... I want to be at a party... with my arms out straight, head down, dancing, that amp stack my partner... hands caressing the waffles... letting those fingers caress my hips.. find the rhythm.. grind it into me..
I want to be lost in a sound.
that is one sound.
that is every sound.
made beautiful.

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