A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

nuttin but wuuuuuv

ZYX: I just saw Radiohead live two weeks ago. They were freakin' amazing.
ZeeVert: yeah I heard that their tour was pretty incredible this year
ZYX: Yeah. I was inspired.
ZYX: I almost took off my pants.
ZeeVert: almost?
ZeeVert: couldn't have been *too* inspired.
ZYX: Yeah. Not quite.
ZYX: It probably would have been awkward in the midst of 22,000 people.
ZYX: I guess.
ZeeVert: not if they were all moved to take off their pants too
ZYX: True, true.
ZeeVert: one big swaying pantsless love fest
ZYX: Mmmmmm....

Just got a horny lil letter from someone.
that was a suprise.
and I dunno how to respond... hmmm...
I'll think about that later.
I have to finish this cuppa...
Go to the mail joint...
MAYBE buy some shoes... dunno yet..
and get back here and call Chris about that jobby job.
Yeah, I'm about to have a jobby job again.
at the same fuckin place I was at before.
But the manager is different
and he digs me.
and he trusts me.
and he knows me.
and he'll fuckin listen to me.
and he wants to CHANGE things.
the most popular manager in the store.
everyone likes him.
Because he's gaddamned incredible.
and he'd be my manager.
and he's talking to the store manager today about me being hired back right where I was...
it would be nice if he could get me the same salary...
but that won't happen.
I dunno...

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