A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I sent the package.
I went to the store to see what was up about the job and got handed a schedule.
I hadn't even said YES and they already put me on the schedule.
So that's alright.
And it'll be full time.
So that's even better.
First day back is Friday.

The only problem is .. heh.. okay ..
I was scared they'd make me a cashier.
I was hoping they'd bring me back as a supervisor.
and what I didn't think was even possible has happened.
Claire, the asst. front end manager is having major stress issues at home...
Her son attempted suicide about 4 months ago.. the bullet lodged in his head and basically blinded him.
He's alright now.. but still blind...
She's sent all of his information to a hospital in philadelphia that's doing optic nerve repair research and they're close to developing some massive improvements in the field.
If they pick him up for a study, she will go. Moments notice.
So she doesn't want to be in charge of the scheduling and the running of the front end if that happens. She doesn't want to just... lay that down and have no one to pick it up.
So she's switching departments.
So I'll be taking over her job.
I was a fucking supervisor.
I was NOT a scheduler.
I have to learn how to do that in a week.
What the hell am I going to do?
Everyone insists that I can do it.. but I don't know.. I'm not feeling too confident..

I was hoping they'd make me a part time supervisor and all of a sudden I'm a full time asst. manager.
I ... I'm freaked.
But sorta happy.

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