A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

From a mailing list..

Free Trial! FreeUprising!

By Jay Eric

Feel the flow
current of currency
marking us all
labeled to be
cogs underwater
trapping the free
holding us down
with our vanity

We are all prisoners here
So you'll have no regrets
for our execution with
your cigarettes,
your alcohol, and violence
or your doctor's meds;
subvert our sense
this is your death for
youth absence

so go ahead spoil the air so I can disease
the unnatural UN natural
state of foul breeze
I breath it all in
It's all I can do
to inhale the gases
the mechanized spew

The workers and droids
were requested and sent
to bury us under the hot pavement
God is no-where and
the money is all spent
on the invisible case
in the trial of absence

So gather your gavels
and tie up the noose
The chaos unravels
train from caboose
Youth bond is chaos
the breaking is loose

23 = Breaking apart
23 = The beats of my heart
Pendulum freeze
Away flies my ease
with Explosion and Glass
Into the breeze

This is the uprising
This is the release
Of forgotten wars corpses
In a world of no peace
We could die tomorrow
We could live forever
We could be locked up for eternity
"Executioner pull the lever!"

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