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I guess I'm sorry that I give people more than one chance to fuck up and dissapoint me. Because, I guess I'm not supposed to be okay with giving them many chances.. hoping they'll get it right.
But I'm a lil tired of some of these people.
SO these people won't get anymore chances.
No more tries..
no more opportunities...
no more of me getting dissapointed by my own lil expectations.

I'm so glad mister man liked his stuff.
This just means I'll be sending him more stuff.
I'm going to start a postcard a week policy I think.
That'll be good.
It'll satisfy my need to purchase interesting postcards while at the same time imparting a lil gift... sorta... heh...
I'm still very exhausted. To the point where I don't really feel lucid.
I'm thinking about taking off my socks so that I can walk around outside on the concrete and feel the roughness. ANd I'm thinking about just taking the scissors to my pony tail and chopping it all off. I'm rather out of it...
it's only 10 o'clock.
I've got my choice of hours tomorrow.
I can go in whenever I want really.
That never happens.
I think I'll copy over the stuff from the Ataxia journal on Diary-x that I like and delete it.
I really don't like the format and I really don't like the feel of it. That makes no sense, I'm sure. And plus.. heh.. I automatically associate that with Allie now. That's like.. her little corner..
and since I guess I'm probably one of the people she thinks hates her, I've gotta stay on my side of the ring, ya know?
I'm going to make coffee... ask someone to call me.... hopefully laugh a lot... then I'll get around to that whole sleep thing at some point...
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