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Jul. 15th, 2001

I'm just a little blank at the moment.
I'm rather numb.
I'm going to save money.
And then I'm going to train someone else.
And then I'm going to bolt.
Maybe to the west coast.
Maybe up north.
I don't know.
it doesn't matter at this point.
Out is what I need.


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Jul. 15th, 2001 09:34 pm (UTC)

You'd get to knee KRN.... go on. Kneeeee-ing...
Jul. 16th, 2001 08:40 am (UTC)
good idea
I found this article in the New York Times today -- check out mention of Hollyland at the bottom. Asmar swears that he did not add that in. Assmar says check with New York Times and know it's true that soon, your ass will be dookie camera:

July 16, 2001

Surveillance Cameras Incite Protest

AMPA, Fla., July 15 Wearing masks and making obscene gestures at police cameras, about 100 people on Saturday protested a new security system that scans faces in the city's night life district to search for suspects in crimes and runaways.

"Being watched on a public street is just plain wrong," said May Becker, wearing a bar code sticker on her forehead.

Ms. Becker joined demonstrators in the Ybor City district on Saturday night, wearing a sign reading, "We're under house arrest in the land of the free."

One protester walked by a camera, gestured obscenely and shouted, "Digitize this!"

Other protesters wore gas masks, Groucho Marx glasses and other items to protest the FaceIt scanning system the police are using in Ybor City, a neighborhood that attracts thousands of people on weekend nights.

The cameras snap pictures of faces and compare them with 30,000 images in a database that includes runaways and wanted criminals. The system works by analyzing 80 facial points around the nose, cheekbones and eyes.

Tampa is the only American city where the police use the technology for routine surveillance, but Virginia Beach is seeking a $150,000 state grant for a similar system.

The Tampa police say the system, which has been used in Ybor City the last two weekends, has led to no arrests.
Jul. 16th, 2001 02:11 pm (UTC)
Re: good idea
Hehe.. yeah ... I saw that in the local paper. They mayor has already said that she wouldn't support the measure and most of the people the paper interviewed agreed.
there's a *reason* she's been the mayor since I was ten...
Jul. 16th, 2001 02:16 pm (UTC)
Re: good idea

what about the state, though? Is all of Virginia Beach Township controlled? Hope so... Yer mayor sounds pretty cool -- give her a big smooch for me!
Jul. 16th, 2001 02:28 pm (UTC)
Re: good idea
Myra is a lil troll lady.
But yeah, she's cool
Jul. 16th, 2001 02:30 pm (UTC)
Re: good idea
Myra is only the mayor of Va beach.. the rest of the state is under the steely gaze of the republiBots... built in the same image of meester G.W.
Jul. 16th, 2001 02:49 pm (UTC)
Re: good idea
Right -- I just meant -- ya know how a town can encompass not only itself but also state-controlled territory (state parks, large tourist areas, etc.)? Just wondering if it's even up to your mayor whether or not they set up cameras in tourist areas -- was wondering if she controlled all of Virginia Beach (obviously not all of Virginia) or not. Stuff. Stinkies. Republibots definitely love those cameras either way... We need to give Optimus Prime a call.
Jul. 16th, 2001 03:09 pm (UTC)
Re: good idea
yesh. The main tourist jank here is the strip.. it belongs to the city, so it's well within her territory. That's where they wanted them... right down at the main busy spot during tourist season. I don't think she'd be able to do anything about the parks though.. most of those are state owned.
Besides, they're all sort of... woodsy. They're nature trail kind of things.
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