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AzmatiQ is:

yes, all you people with the icq links on your pages.. that's what it says sometimes...
As for Azmatiq being disabled... to quote Allie.. well DUH.

I fucked up my schedule today. I was supposed to be in 9-6... I was actually there 7-4.
Hopefully I fixed that.
Hopefully I have time tomorrow to fix the rest of the schedule ( to the extent to which in can be fixed). and HOPEFULLY... uh.. well Chris will be around and I'm hoping he finds his hardassness again and stands up to the frickin managers.
He's my manager.
And he's a former Master Chief.
This piddly shit retail crap should mean nothing to him.
And he's letting it get to him in a bad bad way.
I want to close down the store for 3 days. Just close it the hell down, work the shit outta everyone, make it stop looking like CRAP and then open back up, clean and ready for some crap.
hell yeah.
I think I need to pep talk my manager.

But for some reason I'm in this very good mood. I think that's mainly because of someone who makes me obnoxiously happy.
He just called me "miss sassy pants."
Ya can't beat that, dammit.
Good good wonderful friend type person. ::nods::
And he gave me music.
and letters.
and postcards.
and heheh.
I'm gushing.

I think I'll have a cookie.

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