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Very very sleepy this morning.
wasn't expecting anything but the same ol shit.
Sitting here drinking my morning cuppa, I go to the mail box.. one new message.. not in the inbox.. it's in the filtered section, in a folder I have filtered aside just for one person's mail.
The sweetest damned letter.
Now, I'm not smiling because that would require much more muscular memory and effort than I have at the moment, but I have my morning equivalant of a big cheesy grin.
Maybe today won't be so bad.. ya know?
Maybe I'll be alright again.
I was alright yesterday.
Felt like utter shit, but I was alright.
If I get a lil free time I'll start working on the next week's schedule.. unless they make me cut the current one again at the last minute...
I'll deal. It will be fine.
But it took the lil letter to convince me.
And ya know, that wasn't even the point of it. But that's what I got.
I dunno if I want to run around laughing or tear up or what.
I have known such hideous people in my life, but they're usually made up for by the wonderful ones.
This wonderful one in particular.
Thank you so so much.
You know who you are...

What am I gonna do with you?
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