A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I think I should start a union.

Or maybe just a revolution.
A revolution probably requires less paperwork.

I have too much to do today at work. I wonder if I'll even get to get it started. Weekends are nothing but running around, trying to make things work. But sunday nights slow down a little usually and I'm there until 9:30...
We'll see, we'll see...
I hope Chris is in. So I can tell him about the hijacking and changing of the schedule that happened OH SO CONVENIENTLY when he wasn't there. He would have had Neelam's head on a stick. Which I dig. I love the fact that she's intimidated by him. It means that when he's around, things may just go smoother, but when he's not, she'll be pulling *all* her shit.
Which is fine. I will report back. And Chris gets himself heard. And well, it's just good.

I feel like such a little bitch.
Not in the mean way.. just a bitch.. lil bitch girl... whipping girl.

I have white, even, straight teeth and thick, shapely lips, that curve to the corners and lend my mouth a pouting, down turned aspect when at rest.
My bottom lip rolls out, creating a little overhang... a little awning over my chin..
only enhanching the look of a petulant child.

suits me
Or I suit it.
Or .. heh.
doesn't matter.

I think I'll finish my coffee... I wish I didn't work tonight..
I wish I didn't have to work.
Money money money is needed.
So I will continue to work.
Because I need a car.
And I need to move out of here... go to school... leave this coast.. and out of all my pre determined tasks I think that one will be the most difficult... leaving this coast.
I don't like it in a lot of ways... but it's home.
And with the right moving partners, I could go just about anywhere and be fine.
I'm feeling particularly peripatetic today.
just want to GO.

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