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That was a short damned trip.
Would ya believe best buy doens't have any DOCSIS modems? Not even a *shelf lable* for them, dammit.

They always give me funny looks in there because I'm usually wearing something odd (last time it was devil horns, the time before that I had one of those big blown bow ties...) but I was being uber normal today and stuff.
But got stared at because, in addition to the purple hoochimama shirt that was just a wee on the tight side (one of the side effects of nipple piercing is that they're always hard. And one of the side of effects of my particular jewlery is that it makes me look like I've got three nips on each boob.), I had a seemingly burned in waffle pattern on my head.
It took some kid pointing at me and saying "oooh! you've got a weird FACE!" for me to realize that, yes, I did indeed have weirdness going on.
I had fallen asleep with my forehead on Manburger's hospital blanket on his bed this morning. His waffle pattern hospital blanket. That them transfered to my head.
Still haven't had coffee and I am kinda grumpy now.

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