A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

"Hey! You are the evil what turns my dreams bad! Aren't cha?!"

So, I was going through some comics trying to find the graphic of Par' from Poison Elves where he's wearing the Ebola Zaire shirt for my friend Tim because, well, he didn't believe me. Thought I was a total kook. And I ended up pulling out all my oooold comics. JTHM and Lenore... and I realized that I kinda miss being a goth in some ways.
They still make me snort and giggle and I still love the artwork.
I just can't stand what it's all become and how far from it all I've become.
I miss my lil goth cafe with the good poetry and the bad bad coffee and the blue koolaid and the drunken murals down in the bad part of norfolk. I miss the frat wanna be's from ODU driving by screaming "FREAKS" at us when it was too hot inside and we clustered around on the sidewalk. I miss the sXe assholes picking fights and trying to be coo in their big big pants...
I miss a group of people who could finish up "my guardian angel walks away...." without a pause. I miss getting my tabs picked up every poetry slam, either because I won or because Doc was there and he thought I should have.

Hmm.. now I'm all nostalgic.
Because we weren't goths like you see in the malls with their lil lunchboxes and too much makeup. We were this tight lil group of malcontent freaks who just wore what we wanted and never had to prove our cred.
I'm kind of glad that I'm not quite like that anymore.
But of course, I miss it.

And Tim still thinks I'm a kook because I actually have a comic with a skeletonized subconsiousness wearing an Ebola Zaire shirt.
just can't please some people


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