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my head hurts. Not enough sleep.
That's the problem with having a couple days off. The day back in is horrible. At least it wasn't at seven this morning.
And since it wasn't at seven, that means there should be someone there that I can leave out front so I can work on the schedule.

The today show is on. Williard Scott is mentioning the ancient people. My great grandmother got on their once before her death. I think it was when she turned 100.
I suppose the family was too astonished when she turned 101, 102... 103... to remember to submit her name again.
And they always give a 'secret to longevity'... my Great grandmonthers would have been something like "remembering to hate catholics and jews and wishing for death."
The thing I heard her say most often (and this was starting on her 98th birthday) was "why won't God just let me die?"
By the time she died (two months shy of 104) she was totally blind, deaf, had no sense of taste or smell, was shrivelled, tiny, and her skin was so thin and frail that if she touched something too rough pieces of it would just come right off.
She was living a miserable experience.
And yet... She wasn't allowed to just off herself. Religious restrictions, legal restrictions.
This ... creature... (she wasn't a person anymore at the end.. more like some exotic and frightening vulture) couldn't just choose to stop living.

I don't know why this is in my head this morning.
I had a lovely call last night, as usual, from the wonderful person.
I appreciate it, sweetheart. I appreciate it so much.

Beh. Work. Why is this a necessary thing?

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