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Buttmint: I think the magic is gone, Holly.
ZeeVert: no... no it's not
Buttmint: Where did you hide it, then?
ZeeVert: between the couch cushions, silly
Buttmint: We don't have a couch.
ZeeVert: I bought one that week
ZeeVert: if you'd come out of the basement now and again you'd know this
Buttmint: You know perfectly well the brain-rays can't reach me down there.
ZeeVert: but the brain-rays are your FRIENDS
Buttmint: Yeah, you would think so. Your brain's been zapped.
ZeeVert: it's been HEALED
Buttmint: If you insist. I still don't want to know why we've had so much milk delivered to our house lately when we both know you're lactose intolerant.
ZeeVert: it's uh ... soy milk
Buttmint: You'd think he was delivering Herbal Essences shampoo with all the noise you make about it.
ZeeVert: I ... I really like soy milk
Buttmint: :::nod::::
Buttmint: I can respect that.
Buttmint: May I have some soy milk?
ZeeVert: oh sorry .. all out

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