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Friday July 27 8:18 PM ET
Boy Scouts Destroy Dinosaur Tracks

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - Three Boy Scouts dug out chunks of a 190 million-year-old set of dinosaur tracks and threw the rocks into a reservoir, irreparably damaging the prehistoric find, a park ranger said.

The vandalism occurred during a Scout troop's outing at Red Fleet State Park in eastern Utah last week. About 300 dinosaur tracks are preserved in beds of sandstone at the park near Vernal.

Kay Godfrey, information officer for Great Salt Lake Council of the Boy Scouts of America, said the Scouts take responsibility for the incident and may review their policies to avoid vandalism in the future.

``This reflects a disregard for the principles that Scouting promotes,'' Godfrey said.

Park Ranger Curt Sinclear issued a juvenile citation for defacing natural resources after witnessing the incident July 19. The names of the three boys, all 15, and the Scout troop's number were not released.

State and local authorities are still reviewing jurisdiction in the case. There has been no decision on charging the boys.

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That said, fuck off. Just fuck way off. GO AWAY.
I wanted to be alone this morning when I woke up. Really *needed* to be alone. And WOW.. no one in the house...
So I throw on clothes, come downstairs and start grinding some coffee. In the middle of this, my father comes home. GRRR.
But that's okay because he doesn't usually really want to talk to me, he'll sit in front of the tv and I can pretend he's not here.
THen my mom and sister come home.
I just wanted to cry.
Half the coffee I made is gone, I won't be able to do the laundry I wanted to do until my sister gets done... hmmm.. I just went and took stuff. I think this is the first they realized I might not be feeling all over hale and hearty. Hehhehe... Like I've felt hale and hearty in the last year.. hehehe.

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