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I feel guilty when i have to clock out. Because the people I'm leaving have no clue what they're doing and no one around to help them.
If I were salaried, I'd just stay.
I'd teach them how to deal.
Then I'd be able to slack off, guilt free.
The lack of 'thank yous' from them is driving me insane. It's silly to expect them... but I'm still annoyed that all my effort is never good enough. I expect the manager to be a cunt... I expect my coworkers to say thank you just as much as I do. And I thank them for a lot, all the time.
I don't HAVE to...
but I do.
I'm just... stuck sort of.
I feel like I should be all self sacraficing and just stay at work, off the clock, taking care of it for them. But I also feel like I should be getting out on time, sitting at home, chillin...
So I'm conflicted.
And very tired.
I got about 3 hours the other night..worked 7-4... stayed til almost six.. went home.. ate something.. went back.. stayed til about 11:30...
Got to sleep around 1:30? 2:? got up at six this morning and went back in.
Worked an hour off the clock from 4-5..
Then decided I couldn't stay anymore and split.
And somehow.. I feel guilty.
I feel like I should be doing more.
I feel like a collosal dumbass.

last night I made pasta.
WAY TOO MUCH pasta..
pound of the pasta of your choice, 2lbs of tomatoes, a cup of fresh chopped basil leaves, half a cup of chopped green olives, 2tbsps. olive oil and a tbsp of red wine vinegar.
chop everything up, put it in a bowl with the oil, wine, kosher salt and ground pepper to taste, cook the pasta... dump it on.

if you can boil water and wield a knife, you can make this.
and it's soooooooo good.

I just became one of those fucking dorks that shares recipes.
Ahhh well, scroo it.
gonna take a bath.
gonna probably fall asleep in the bath


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Jul. 30th, 2001 08:55 pm (UTC)
Its hard... where do we get these work ethics sometimes? *fleh*

But you earned taking a break...

... and a nap. :)
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