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Dammit I like weird people.

ZeeVert: So I'm all awake now and stuff
Farheim: You need a big dose of steamy Farheimsual love
ZeeVert: sounds.... infectious
Farheim: Like ebola
Farheim: Unfortunately, the doses only come in suppositories
ZeeVert: ....
gaddamit you're odd.
Farheim: I'm sorry
ZeeVert: oh don't apologize
ZeeVert: you're just a big ol goofy weirdo... nothing to be sorry about
Farheim: No, you hate me...HATE ME
Farheim: If you want to be like that, go ahead...I'll be over here playing with my Cabbage Patch dolls
Farheim: You like me don't you, Jessica? JESSICA SPEAK TO MEEEEE
ZeeVert: hehehehe
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