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Daftagious: Hi, I know I pretty much said I wouldn't bother you, but well hey I don't really give a damn at this point. I just have a couple questions.

1) Would you let me renew your everquest account under my credit card...nothing would be charged to you, i just click on the renew button and put in my credit card number...this of course would be for me to use...basically can i take ownership of the account? Nothing would be charged to you at all.

2) Along with all that, can you send me the CD key (it should be on the jewel case for the everquest cd) via email. If you threw it out or whatever, don't worry about it. I just wanted to see if I could save myself a few bucks from having to purchase the game again. Thanks
ZeeVert: Sure ...
l337hax0r (actual key given but edited as requested)
ZeeVert: Hope that works for you.

Daftagious: thanks, i don't really need the cdkey, just good to have in case it ever comes up that i'm the account owner - goodbye
ZeeVert: mmkay.. buh bye, Jason.
ZeeVert: was that difficult to do? .... just curious.
Daftagious: To type that up and hit send? No.
ZeeVert: to ask me for something.
Daftagious: To ask that of you, no, it was not difficult.
ZeeVert: Okay. It just struck me that it didn't even occur to me to say no. And that I very well could have just to be spiteful. I was wondering if you'd had any similar vaccillation.
That's all.
I will quit violating the "leave me alone" order now.

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