A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I know I dreamt all night. I can tell. Even if I can't remember it.
I think I know who called.
But I think that that's just what I think and not really the truth.
My jeans feel tight and ass clingling today.
Which is alright, because I feel like I want to show off my ass today.
4 days.
I just need to get through the next 4 days.
including today... 4 days.
Then I get a gaddamned day off.
in fact I get two .
And monica will be back.
And Chris will be back.
And they can shoulder some of this load.
Because Debbie will be on vacation.
And lisa will be out for surgery
So it's not really that the load will get lighter.
Just that more able shoulders will be pitching in.
I was supposed to have the handwritten schedule for the 16-22 done today.
I worked straight through my lunch, got half an hour of overtime, and still only had a break that was long enough for me to sit down and smoke a cigarette.
Under 5 minutes.
Today I will take a lunch.
I will not work during that lunch.
I say that, but well, I know I'm full of shit.
1-10 today... the ass shift.
11-8 tomorrow.. the ass hair shift.
7-4 sunday and monday... the ass crack of dawn shift.

I'm in dire need of a backrub.
And some sustained laughter.
yesterday was a full moon.
I'll blame yesterday on the moon.

If today is bad.
It'll be blamed on my luck.

And if tomorrow is bad as well,
It's just my life.

I'm not really this morose I think.
Just very very somber.
I'll get better.

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