A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I walked around with a highlighter today at work giving people I appreciated lil smiley faces on their hands.
I had to switch off to a black marker for some people...
But everyone recieved them well.
I was in the weirdest mood at work.
I wish I could always be in that mood at work
no annoyance.. just mellow.
My day went smoothly.
I'm still really looking forward to those days off. But, eh, I'll deal.
I'm not going to deal with certain things. I deal with people all the time at work who piss me off with their tudes, misunderstand, or just... get all pouty, annoyed, demanding, and fucking infantile on me.
I won't put up with online people doing that too.
I can't CHOOSE who I work with.
I CAN choose who I associate with online.
And if you get on my fucking nerves, you're getting dropped.
No more drama.
I've had enough.
Allie decided that I make her feel small all the time and that I always have.
That's her perogative.
But it also made me think.... Maybe I *did* just make her feel small. I don't really know *how*... but... maybe.
That bothers me
The whole thing doesn't bother me, just her reaction I think.

why am I posting about this? it's the last thing that's been on my mind.

to avoid all the things that *have* been on my mind, obviously.
gonna try to get a phone call.
Then I'll sleep

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