A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Dumbass SweetPea Whitaker...
Never ever liked this asshole.
He has the bombast of Ali and none of the shit to back it up.
And he's a prick in person.
He was in traffic court.
He was getting sentenced for traffic violations.
He was given a sentence with all of it but 4 days suspended.
When he was taken into custody, and the officers were relieving him of his personal items, they opened up a wad of money to count it, and out fell a lil baggie of cocaine.

In April, 4 days after he retired, his girlfriend called 911 because he was passed out on the bathroom floor and had to be rushed to the hospital for what was assumed a cocaine overdose.
He's had cocaine allegations levelled at him for YEARS. He tested postive and was suspended from boxing until he'd completed a treatment program...

You would think he would drop off his fucking stash before going into court though, ya know?

In other news, Christina Aguilera is in town.

(the Action Plan against bad stuff at the junior high named after sweetpea (who's name is Pernell and this is more about the moron.)

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