A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Talking to the NCR guy today about the self service checkouts that they've given us (we're a test market. You can bet they'll be in ALL your towns soon. The first week they were installed, 20% of the store volume checked out using them), I had to adress the customer acceptance and why I felt they were looked on the way they are...
Just some crap to see if their testing is working out, if they can replace more of our workforce with one live person to every 4 machines.
But we were talking about the interface, and the fact that there *are* some things that could be more clear... but the problem with getting that implimented (he started babbling about commitees... apparently the commitees really get to him) and so forth.
And the phrase "The interface is very very User friendly." came out of my mouth.
Followed by "It's like using a Mac..."
I said "user" in such a way that he felt the need to ask me how I had meant that...

And I realized that Mistah lovah lovah has created a self fulfilling prophesy.
Because he keeps insisting that I'm a geek.
I think that maybe it's just happening through the power of suggestion.

Or maybe I'm just a geek.
I'm thinking of buying books.
I want another box for unix.
just to learn
just for the hell of it.

somehow fixing my keyboard became a plus in the geek column.

And at work, I'm the only one who can talk to tech support without it being a 3 hour call where they spend the majority of that time just explaining everything to our dumbass employees.

So maybe I'm a geek.

Not saying I am
Just saying maybe.

I need to get a job where I do service calls on people's crap.
I would have so much fun.
I like fixing things like that.
I like working on all our equipment at work.
I like setting up systems and rebooting machines and switching out components.

What the fuck is wrong with me?
Where did this come from?
Is this that niche that I could never find?
Am I supposed to be a geek?

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