A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

It's amazing what a little eyebrow maintenance can do for your face.
I just had this lil epiphany.
In a couple weeks I'm going to have someone here.
Some new person.
That's never been in person with me before.
We will probably be closer than five feet from each other at at least a couple points in the trip, ya know.
I've completely forgotten how to be a girl.
I don't do anything with my hair.
I don't worry about my skin.
I don't even think about how my breath smells.
Because, well, there's been no reason.
And then all of a sudden... I had to pluck my eyebrows, and start thinking about clothing... and what to do with my hair.
Not that he really *cares* about that stuff. But I tend to care about that stuff when there is someone around that makes me feel like I should be caring about that stuff.
I don't freak out on it.
I just like to make sure that I don't look hideous.
I'm very low maintenance anyway.
facial scrub for the flakes, moisturizer for the dry spots, pluck the eyebrows, file the nails, brush the hair... that's about it.
No makeup or hair crap. I don't even own hairspray.
So it isn't that big of a deal, but well, when you haven't done it for months, you realize just how much you've kind of... let yourself go.
I need to do three million crunches.
I need to get a vacuum for an at home liposuction for those matronly upper arms.
I need a tornado to hit my room and destroy everything to make cleaning so much easier.
I need for this to not freak me out so much is the bottomline.

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