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Coffeee! Coffeee! Coffeeee!
Yaaaaa. Das gooooot.

*ahem*.. yes.
Anyway. Roboburger man is doing alright. Anesthesia is funny stuff. I've decided I don't like lifting his eyelids anymore because I can't get the image of them all rolled up and dead looking out of my head. I do, however, still enjoy moving his lips and making him say things. He talked to the nurse for about ten minutes today. To her credit, she laughed. "Hey, Hey baby. You're uh... you're kinda *cute*. When I get outta this bed and look a lil less like manwhich hows about you and me uh... do a lil Luuuuuvin? Hmm? eh? eh?"
If there were any chance of him remembering any of this I would actually be a hell of a lot more contrite. But he won't. And I love him a lot and it's the only reason I mess with him so unmercilessly....
Ah well.


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