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So I stepped outside to wander up and down my lil front walk and sip my liquid crack and breathe some air that hasn't been recycled through the house 300 times (the cause of my early morning nosebleed that made my pillow look like it was bought at a crime scene auction. No, I don't know if they actually have those, but I imagine you could pick up some rather cheap, if horribly stained, furniture and linens).
SO I'm wandering up and down the sidewalk and took of my shoes so that I could walk around in the grass (avoiding the ENORMOUS, MOUNTAINOUS, COLLOSAL dog poopie someone's dog left in the yard and the someone didn't bother to scoop) and my neighbor walked out and decided to chat with me.
She's been there for awile, not as long as my rents though and I remember being a kid and babysitting her kids. One of whom worked at the retail store of **DOOM** I worked at and I was actually his supervisor. That was weird. After all those years, still telling sweet lil Aaron what to do.
She immediatly grated on me. She always does. Shrill voice, too many questions.
"So, got your license back yet? when ya gonna get a car? when ya gonna move out? got another job yet? why did ya quit? got another boyfriend? what happened to the last one? where did he live? where in DC? why did you go out with someone who was so far from you? where are you gonna work? How are you gonna make money? still hanging out with that guy with the mohawk? what happened to the one on the motorcycle? Or that tall one and his friend? Why aren't you dating? why don't you ever wear makeup or do yourself up? you've got such a pretty face, why don't you get contacts? How's your sister? She happy being married? how's your brother? is he out of the hospital? what was wrong with him? isn't it weird having a lil black neice? And lil.. oh what is she, oriental ? neice? "
Nope, no license. When I have the money for a car. When I have the money to move out. No, no job yet. I quit because I needed to. No, no boyfriend. The last one needed to go away. He was in Bristow, just outside of manassas, near DC. Not in DC. Because I liked him. I'll work somwhere I'm sure. I'll make money somehow I'm sure. yes, still hanging out with Sean. The one of the motorcycle is dead. The tall one is busy with work and his band. His friend is busy with work, school, and his very successful band. I'm not dating because va beach is a cesspit of cologne and tans. I don't wear makeup because I like my face as it is. I don't get contacts because I like my glasses too. My sister is fine. She's married, and she's satisfied. My brother is fine. So is the other brother. Yes, he's out. Pancreatitis, followed by blood clots and fluid on his lungs. No, not weird at all until people start asking questions like that. She's filipino and no, she's absolutely wonderful.

most of my answers are as short as possible. But, she really pissed me off with that thing at the end.
YES. I have a neice named Casey who is just the silliest, giggliest, freakiest lil chick I know. She's nine and she's beautiful. She's my brother's step-daughter, his wife's daughter from a previous marriage and she's just... wonderful. Despite the fact that she's taller than me.
and YES, I have another neice, the same brother's daughter from HIS previous marriage who's half filipino and she was at my house every day of her life from birth til 3 years old. I helped raised her. I changed her and burped her and played with her and watched her and cooed and jumped and ran and laughed with her. She's just so beautiful.
And they're both nine and now they're sisters and they're incredible creatures.

hmm.. what was my point here?
OH, well, yeah.. she also had comments about my clothes (baggy), my skin color (far too pale) and my coffee cup (black with white letters reading "FUCK DECAF")
I was in full retreat.

just wanted to walk in some grass, dammit.


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