A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Digital Cameras are wonderful for keeping myself in check. Whenever I start to feel a lil too good about myself... a lil too upbeat, I just take a few nude pics.
Instaneous reasons, in full color no less, for why I should just humble down.
my ass hurts. Got hit with a baseball today. I think it was on purpose.
My dad keeps walking past me. Very slowly. I think he's trying to read over my shoulder. Or have some interaction with me. I really hate that. When he feels the spontaneous need to acknowledge my presence. No, really dad, you just keep pretending I'm not here. It's better that way. Really.
Dunno what happened to Mistah Lovah Lovah. I have a feeling he'll have some tales to tell about the work day when he gets home.
I was off today and didn't accomplish a gaddamned thing. And I don't feel bad about that at all. I watched Dazed and Confused for the first time in a long time. That movie is instant jones. I really did think about callin up frank and using up some cash on at least a dime. But I have no papers, I have no bowl, and I'd have to actually see Frank. He's pissed me off a lot since the last time we ended up screwing each other. And that experience right there was less than wonderful because, well, hehe.. there wasn't much screwing going on. One of us just couldn't get motivated.
On the upside, he'd be so embarassed around me that he'd probably give me a discount and not hang around long. I dunno.
I'm feeling random and foggy. My head feels strange. strange stuff. I'm bored, mostly. I'm bored with just about everything. I get the shit from Mike. The guilt from Sean. The puppy dog eyes from Tim. The brush off from Mister Questions. The cold shoulder from Robert.
Pretty much it's just me and Mistah Lovah Lovah.
All the other friends have split, fucked up, or moved on.
Mistah Lovah Lovah and the people I work with. And really, there are only a couple there that are cool enough to be friends at all. Anthony, mainly.
I need to find Spank again. I need to find Dave. Spend a week making plans, hang out one night, and then not talk for another 6 months.
Diest Requiem keeps getting shows. I don't get it. They'll be playing with GWAR at the GWAR-B-QUE in richmond on the 25th.
Kyser sucks. he's a bad singer and he trolls the audiences for 16 year olds. And he's a prickface too.
Always coming into the cafe, acting the rock star part, pretending that he sat in the corner and didn't talk because he was just too dark and mysterious for all of us when the truth of the matter is he had a weird, squeaky lil voice.

I've just never liked them. But Jody is an incredible drummer. she rocks. yep.

I'm posting. I shouldn't be. I'll stop now.

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