A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I need to seek out a brand new thing.
I got home from work after racking up overtime that I'll be foreced to take off before wednesday, relating a story about this unholy cunt who popped up at service just as I was trying to leave, and I decide to sit down at the box here.
signing on, seeing that there are posts from friends list people
I open it up
A debate topic about polygamy, a couple of posts about people and things I know nothing about, and a bunch of posts about belts.
That's all well and good for the person whos journals those are. That's perfect in fact. It's your fucking journal, ya know? And I'm sure that you've got some people there who find it really fucking cool.
But I really could not care less about belts.
I haven't worn a belt in I dunno how long. I'm not a fashion dork. I wear comfy stuff. I don't really give a shit how it looks, for the most part. Look me in the eye when you talk, not at the cut of my jeans. I don't really... jive with that, get it all, ya know? Well, that's untrue. I understand it. I just can't relate. So coming home from my poopy lil day and looking forward to reading something mind expanding or smile enducing and finding posts about what to do in amsterdam and belts is a lil... dissapointing.

none of your journals are here for my entertainment.
But every now and again, I need to be entertained.
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