A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

The only thing that's annoying me about this outage is the line "reload less, it will work more often"
I check back like.. once an hour maybe.. doesn't work? I go away.
and it's still been more dead than alive the last couple days.
They should just say 'it's fuckin broken, come back tomorrow and try again' instead of saying to people that they can still hit reload, just not as often as they usually would.

I had a dream about a guy that I met at a show and a week later hung with at my old cafe and have not seen since. I remember he was in the navy.
That's about it as far as identificatin purposes go.
Uhm. In the navy, about 5'10" or so.. dark hair, dark eyes.
A face that could be seen in an abercrombie and fitch ad, no problem, and a really fucking sarcastic and quick ad wry sense of humor.
We got screamed at by a groupie chick who thought it was unfair that we were busting on her favorite band there. "do you even know anything about them? "
"we know it took them 45 minutes to set up, the lead guitarist is drunk, and the band seems pretty embarassed about the fact that they stood on stage for 20 minutes waitinng for the singer to show up just to have him belch into the mic 8 or 9 times before starting the actual song"
"well, you just don't understand punk"
"maybe not. But I do understand crap. And they are crap. "
And he got in between me and the chick and talked her down. I thought for sure I'd lost him, that he'd made a looooove connection or something.
He wandered back over and said "where the hell did you go, I was looking for back up."
"didja fall in love?"
"I fell into a big puddle of stupid"
and we stood at the back bar and bullshitted through the rest of the bands.

the next week there he was at the cafe. The night that band was playing there. And he came up behind me in the crowd and said "so we meet again, mish money penny'
and we talked all night again.
Haven't seen him in years.
don't know his name
but there he was in my dream last night.


And I just had a blueberry scone. Made them myself. fresh blueberries are some kind of wonderful.

the wonderful kind.

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