A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I hate pulling rank.
I do.
But when you're a checkout supervisor and the lines are wrapped around, and the floor people are *all* on registers and your ASSISTANT MANGER is on a register too, where should you be?
Should you be wandering around blindly behind service desk?
Should you be taking *another* break?
Should you be chatting with a manager, winning points?
You should have your ass planted at a register, getting the lines down, and you should stay there until your manager tells you to turn off your light and gives you further instructions.
Were my supervisors doing that?
After repeatedly telling Debbie to keep her light on... after repeatedly telling Linda that she needed to open... no fucking cooperation.
If I am on a register, they need to be. If I am calling up floor people, they need to already be taking people. If I TELL THEM to open, they need to just say "okay" and scurry on over and start ringing people up.
I don't need an explanation... I just need an 'okay' and to see them fucking move.

I'm going to end up in HR with these people. Either from them feeling like I was too harsh or from me, reaching the end of my rope with them.

It's an age thing, I think.
I'm 23... they're all over 40.
Except Chum and Mike... but Chum and Mike just do what needs to be done... it's the older ones I'm having the problem with.
Age thing, laziness thing... self centered little cunt thing...
I dunno.
but it has to stop.

But if I can just get through this week... I work tomorrow, monday, tuesday, I'm off wednesday, I work friday then I'm off saturday, sunday, and monday for my visitor.
I mentioned to anthony where my friend was coming in from and he was ALL OVER ME about asking the friend to hook him up.
So, because It's anothny, I'll see what I can do, and do some reimbursement and stuff.
Bobby gave me an enormous rubber band.
I might give him more 'fuck work' stickers.
I'm sure he passed out all of his already.

The dude named Jason in loss control is NOT hot, I don't care what anyone says.
He's a pretty boy.
And he's SHORT.
like... really short.
Like... 5'4" ish
and he looks like a backstreet boy.

Now Jacob... stoner boy, big ears, goofy grin, silly as hell... he's cute.
And Chuck ... that's all personality. He used to just be this sullen guy... now he's all about harassing me at every opportunity. He's always had pretty eyes though.

why am I thinking about this?

because I'm lonely.

Chuck has a girlfriend and kid.

heh.. Jacob has an ex who lives with him and a kid and about 30 hoochie mammas on the side.

I want some coffee.

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