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People who want to be dead should first have to list their favorite people in their immediate lives.
And have two of them killed.
Senselessly, pointlessly, and suddenly.

Then live for 3 months with no one to talk to about it.
Have to act like everything is okay.
Have to keep going to work, going to school. Smiling in the right places, laughing at the appropriate times.
Because that's what you're supposed to do, ya know.
Have to know about that death. Have to know about the holes we leave behind. Those vaccums. Not in the space of the world. The world doesn't give a fuck about us individually. the blank spots in the lives of .. us... me...

And then, if they still want to be dead, they can go to it.
Because at that point, it's obvious that they are unteachable, incapable of the lesson, so wrapped up in their own petty pains that they just won't understand. And therefore, they should probably be culled.

I'm angry.

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