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Status: In Transit
Scheduled Delivery: Sep 10, 2001
Shipped to: TACOMA, WA, US
Shipped or Billed on: Aug 31, 2001

Tracking Number: 1Z 2X3 XXX XX XXXX XXX X
Service Type: GROUND
Weight: 20.00 Lbs

In transit.
on it's way to seattle.
it left at 3:54 am this morning.
Scheduled delivery date is *still the 10th.
I wonder how long it takes for these things to get cross country.

Technically it's espresso... but I have to dig out the steamer and I don't wanna.
so it's drip brew.
But it's *awesome* drip brew. No where near as bitter as so much espresso.

I was told that I have a big ol bootie today... just outta the blue.
Actually it wasn't said directly to me. Jacob told Melissa, loud enough so that I could hear it halfway down the front end.
Customers turned their heads and looked.
John Cross, the loss control manager looked.
I happened to be walking away.. looked over my shoulder.. at all the people who had to check out the 'big ol bootie'
Thanks Jacob.

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