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woke up at 2.
Got some cds.
Got some books.
spent way too much money.
But I haven't bought myself anything in a good long while... so I rationalize.

A $3.00 Cd of the Alan Parson's Project that I picked up stictly for laughs.
The new slipknot, on the reccomendation of Bobby.
The new SOAD, on my own toe tapping anxious waiting around for it (sorry MLL, beat ya to it)
Ancient Melodies of the Future from Built to Spill on Dan's reccomendation.
1,000 Homo DJs because I haven't heard them in a good long while and someone on a list reminded me of them the other day.
And Corporate Avenger with Freedom is a State of Mind... featuring songs : Bledding, Fault the Police, Christians Murdered Indians, FBI File, Taxes are Stealing, The Bible is Bullshit, Voting Doesn't WOrk, Web of Lies, $20 bill, Jesus Christ Homosexual, Pig is a Pig, Drug Dealing God, and Heaven's Joke.

So you see why I had to buy it.

I'm feeling a lil decadent.
But I haven't even had coffee yet.
I need to grind some... I'm going to end up getting too used to drinking Bustelo and feel caffeine deprived when I switch back/run out.

I'm in an odd lil mood.


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  • 10 Dec 2011, 04:59
    Поздравляю с очередным днем рождения! Желаю, чтобы все было, и ничего за это не было
  • 22 Mar 2010, 15:28
    I approve of the idea of you as a bulldyke.
  • 22 Mar 2010, 14:05
    my problem is that i hate tumblr. it always looks fucked up to me.
  • 15 Sep 2009, 21:48
    i miss you guys! i have no idea how to log into my old lj account. but i think of you often and am glad you have happy-yay-times lately! (oh PS its kaeren and PPS i dont really lj anymore anyway but…
  • 12 Sep 2009, 09:54
    If it'd help, I could try to describe running into the Suburban. But then I'd have to explain what I was driving, which leads RIGHT back into that whole polyamory thing. Gluh. Carting around all…
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