A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Today was good in it's own bizarre way.
The person I came back to work with... demoted to electronics lead.
The person I had just stopped working for when I quit....now my boss again...
Monica is still a lil whore.. but well.. that's what she's good at, ya know?

Tired as hell today. back hurts muchly.
The plan was to come home, clean up, take a shower, get to bed, wak up at 6, work til 4, come home, shower again, hit the airport and meet up with my company.

What happened was, I got off work 45 mintues late, got home, took a shower, sat down here, moved once because I decided I wanted to have a tomato (I think I'm anorexic. That was my meal today. And I'm okay with that) and then read all my notify notices from LJ.

I still think you're a selfish little cunt.
But oh so much more. I was being restrained.
Because I think I elaborated my point without rancor or malice quite well on your journal. I thought I was pretty level headed and reasonable. And you came back with your comment about evening primrose oil. so fuck you. ::shrug::
Go whine and take more prozac that won't work for you (because prozac works on chemical imbalances in the brain, not personality flaws) and try to survive through a year of college without ending up the annoying little twat everyone hates.
It'll be tough for you, but give it a go.
I think that if you just calm the hell down, quite trying so fucking hard all the time, things might just be okay for you.

Oh.. and get away from the sychophants.
They do not represent reality.

anyway... So yeah. I'm getting company tomorrow.
I'm suprisingly mellow.
It'll hit me at 4 tomorrow.
When it's right up in my face.
But I'll get a hug.
So that will rock.

and Now I sleep.

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