A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

my boss called all the floor people into the break room.
Grabbed me too.
I never get dragged to these meetings.
he had the tv on just in time to watch the buildings collapse.
We had about two minutes of dead silence.
Then we were all dismissed... almost everyone gossiping.
I wanted to go outside.
I headed out and realized the flag was too high.
As I was unravelling the rope, going to lower it down... Pat came out apparently headed toward the same task. He was so upset. He was shocked that someone else thought to take the flag to half mast.

I'm upset.
I sort of expected reports and smoke in the sky from right over the highway.
I really did expect massive damage around my area. I expected it to just keep going.
And there's nothing to keep it from continuing, really.
So I'm a lil upset.

I'm not going to get horribly sentimental here. Everyone else I know has already done that. But I will say that it really did give me pause.

Maybe that makes me trite and "normal"
maybe that means I'm somehow boring and common.
And maybe, because I have nothing heartbreaking or touching or wry to say about this, I'm just another fucking person. eh?

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