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If I have to be subjected to one more seemingly sane and rational and RESPECTABLE person ranting at me about 'those arabs' and how we should just 'not allow them into our country' because they 'steal out jobs' and they 'smell' and are 'dirty' and they all just want to 'murder and pillage' for their 'insane religion', I think *I* will be blowing something up.


We had a run on american flags. Couldn't keep them in the store. No one can.

I've never seen a patriotic person who was not also a bigot.

We had a bomb scare sort of thing at the store today. We were on the news all day. Non stop calls to the store. A yellow cab with new york plates appeared in the parking lot. A passing cop saw it. According to the news, they had 'information' about a stolen cab last seen in the maryland area. The FBI was there, 10, 12 cop cars were there, firetrucks and rescue were there, they stopped traffic on both the streets and blocked the parking lot until the bomb sniffing dogs got done doing their thing and it was declared clean and carted off.
2 hours of this bullshit.
And not once did a cop or official of any sort come into the store and tell us what was up. It was in our fucking parking lot. We had no idea it was even happening until someone in the break room happened to see the live news on the local channel.
It was all over the local stations. The radio.

First question asked?
"was it a bomb?"
second question asked?
"were they arab?"

I really truly do not like most people.
My co workers.
Sitting there with co workers and listening to them agree with each other about how we need to just close up the borders and kick out the foreigners.
I pointed out that we're all foreigners... so how do you judge?
They said "well, if you weren't born here"
So, I pointed out that immigrants who have children who were born here.... what about them?
"well, the kids will go with them"
Okay. So.. how far back does this go? This cleansing?
My ancestors came over sometime in the 1870s. and the other side earlier than that.
But they're welsh and irish and german...
they aren't american.
So should I go?

or am I okay... because I'm white and I talk like you?

I really really cannot express how angry this makes me


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Sep. 12th, 2001 07:26 pm (UTC)
Yep, gotta hate them Ay-rabs...
Fucking bastards.
Sep. 12th, 2001 08:32 pm (UTC)
My boss (the architect) goes on and on about the Indian people downstairs because all they really do is sit outside his window and talk loudly all day. They really do, too. It's a high-end women's clothing store in a very layed back area, so there's not much else to do and he gets upset at having to listen to them.
But the types of stereotypes he uses and the names he calls them are uncalled for. These are the kind of names people are calling this nationality (or religion or whatever they're generalizing) really now that this event has occured.
I don't like where all of this is going. A friend of mine, a man in his sixties, always openly making morbid jokes about his own death, a man I respect for his remarkable knowledge of just any ol' thing you can mention...anyways, a friend of mine who I was speaking with today was saying if we threaten Afghanistan heavily, they WILL give up anything we ask, including Osama bin Laden.
He doubts the extents these people who did this are ready to go. Either that or he lacks the imagination I've got going for me.

Read Unamerican.com. This is the most level headed thing I've seen written since Tuesday.

That's kinda what I'm trying to say, if ever had a clear thought or opinon.
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