A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

okey dokey.
I called in about an hour ago.
I just cannot go to work tomorrow.
Can't do it.
I'm too fucking sick. I can't concentrate, I can't go 10 minutes without having a fit of eye scratching and distressed noise making at just how irritated my whole head is.
So I called work.
Asked to speak to the closing manager.
And it happened to be this complete idiot, Colleen.
I told her that I wasn't going to be in tomorrow... just couldn't be in.
She said I had to call in the morning.. that I couldn't call in tonight.
I said I realized that, and that I would call again in the morning, but I was letting them know now so that they didn't have to try to scramble for someone to cover at 6:30 tomorrow morning.
She said 'well, I don't know how to cover it. you should have called earlier if you were sick and talked to patricia. This is your fault'
And I said "I should have called earlier? why? so I could be told to call back tomorrow anyway? And why can't you cover it? You're a manager... all you have to do is see who's working and who's not and get someone to come in earlier or someone who's not working at all to come in for the missing hours"
she said "look, this is your fault, and I don't like your tone. you just hush and call in tomorrow like you're supposed to..."
and she started to say something else but I hung up on her.
I called back.
Talked to Chum.
Asked him who was on the schedule tomorrow.
I was scheduled 7am-4pm
I got Chum to come in from 8am- 12 noon and then called Debbi (who was scheduled from 10-7 ) to come in for my hours.
Chum will be there so she isn't alone in the morning.
And Mike comes in at one.. and wendy at 6..
yes, it would have been better to cover the whole shift.. to have more people.
But I can't kill myself for this job that doesn't give a shit about me.

I'm preparing to leave.
Feeling very less attached.
There is no one there that I can't easily live without.

it's just a job.

it just sort of twists me that I ... heh... I work a lot .. I work well... and while I don't expect special treatment, I also don't expect to get treated like a fucking moron on one of the very very few times (3 times in about 2 years) that I've called in.
it doesn't help that I already don't like her.

The cold is starting to creep into my chest. i'll be coughing tomorrow.

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