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I have yet to meet a true blue american racist (hates everyone who isn't their own race) who isn't also patriotic as all hell.

And I have yet to meet a patriot who can really tell me why (and defend their reasons why) this country is just so god awfully great.

There's been a run on american flags.
Manufacturers can't keep up.
I personally took 32 calls today asking when our shipment of flags would come in..

just a piece of cloth.
that's it.

an *UGLY* piece of cloth.

It proves NOTHING .. it says NOTHING... it's a piece of cloth that you people will scurry out and buy so that you can feel some sort of connection to this country that, when it comes right down to it, you don't give a FUCK about.

It's pathetic.. and it seems like everyone is all of a sudden born on the fourth of fucking july and happy shiny faced at the waving flags and feeling very yankee doodle dandy.
What a crock of bullshit.

Be upset.
Donate blood.
Donate platelets.
Offer support to the bereaved.
Offer support to the teams still digging through the debris.

But covering your house in flags (that last week you didn't give a damn about) in some sort of show of solidarity only makes you out as an idiot.


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