A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

My friend Frank

Smakyabich: holly?
ZeeVert: hey
ZeeVert: how the hell are you?
Smakyabich: you dont like me no more?
ZeeVert: WHERE the hell are you?
ZeeVert: what makes you say that?
ZeeVert: I tried sending you mail a couple times.
Smakyabich: no email,no phone calls
Smakyabich: no post cards
ZeeVert: heh.. I mailed you because I couldn't find your damn number.
ZeeVert: so I couldn't call
ZeeVert: I've TRIED, ya know
Smakyabich: 420-5555
Smakyabich: tattoo it on ya butt
Smakyabich: they will have this number forever
ZeeVert: hah. alright. how are you?
ZeeVert: been in jail lately?
Smakyabich: i cant get my shit together
Smakyabich: i'm in deep
ZeeVert: how deep?
Smakyabich: 6 feet would be nice
ZeeVert: so you're suicidal too, hmm?
Smakyabich: na
Smakyabich: never do that
Smakyabich: i'll jus suffer
ZeeVert: so why haven't you gotten ahold of *me*? hmm?
Smakyabich: trust me i been wantin to
ZeeVert: so why haven't you?
Smakyabich: i also got a problem with staying close to people
Smakyabich: kind of a serious problem
ZeeVert: I've noticed
ZeeVert: It was sort of made clear when you disappeared for two years.
Smakyabich: i'm sad about my problem
ZeeVert: the staying close problem or some other problem?
Smakyabich: that one
Smakyabich: alot of people are mad at me cause they dont hear from me
ZeeVert: well... I can understand that
Smakyabich: i wanna be different
Smakyabich: but.............
ZeeVert: I know
Smakyabich: i need counselin
Smakyabich: but i prolly wouldnt show up

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