A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

This Shit

And Then I see David Letterman (of all people) talking about this whole thing.
And I couldn't help but cry.
He was so poignant.
I won't be able to repeat this correctly.. but the gist.. the gist...
This happened.. with people going about their everyday lives... because this small group of people stole planes and crashed them into buildings... We're told they are religious zealots.
Religious zealots.
Will you ever in a million years gaddamned understand that?

I will not applaud a war.
I will not applaud revenge.
I will not stand and smile and nod and be supportive of anyone calling for war.
Calling for revenge.

I will not sit here and be bombarded by the exaltation of freedoms and the fighting for them on one side while the other is already chipping away at those few things about america that I truly enjoy.

I was just born here, folks.
If I have it my way, there's no fucking way I am going to die here.
My body will not fertilize this country club.

ground zero.
it's been a week.
the search dogs are useless.
They smell too many bodies.

Salvage. Cleanup. That's all that's left.
The hospitalized have been identified. No more john does for the hopeful waiters.
Just the salvage. The cleanup. The confused dogs who smell too much death.

And the pundits.
The dan rathers. missing the cold war.
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