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"I am extremely afraid of what America's response will be. I think that as a lot of Americans are 'blood thirsty' it may be a very heavy handed and inhumane response. You may say that Tuesday's attack warrants this ... however I think not. As a liberal I do not believe in 'an eye for an eye' mentality, unfortunately I may be in the minority. America has supported fundamentalist's and had they opened their eyes to to the suffering that is spread across much of the world, specifically in Afghanistan where woman are the most oppressed in the world perhaps Tuesdays attack could have been avoided as Bin laden and similar thinking men may have ceased to or been unable to rule countries with such terror and such fanatical behaviour. If I were in the Bush administration I would have a feeling of immense guilt primarily for actions taken in the middle east, ignoring the plight of Afghan women and of course for the thousands of innocent people who lost lives on Tuesday. I say this as a middle class white British woman with no connection in my family tree to any country bar this one and Ireland. I pray the USA acts with humanity and sensitivity in the coming weeks although I somehow doubt that they will. My prayers are with the victims in the USA and also the women who are forced to live under the talibans horrific regime. I would ask that ITN draws attention to these woman and not just focus on western bank working victims, as horrible as it is for them and their families, imagine how awful it is for the woman in Afghanistan.

Kathryn Lamb, Newcastle upon Tyne"

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