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I slept so well last night. The sleep of the well and truly exhausted.
I got up, was in a fine mood really for most of the day.
Monica grated on me, but the ineptitude of linda and debbi failed to phase me.
Because I was well rested (but not over rested) and had had coffee that morning and another long sweet talk with someone the night before and I just felt okay. ::shrug::

So I went in at one.. stayed on a register until 4 (those hours zoomed past) was forced into going to lunch at 4.. and at 5 I clocked back in, went back to recieving to help them unload a truck and ended up staying there the rest of the night.
I love it back there.
I love freight.
I love boxes.
I love the music that the guys turn up extra loud on their favorite songs.
I love the guys.
I love the pallet jacks and the power jacks and the bailer and the compactor and all the green steel floor to ceiling shelves stacked with pallets, shrinkwrapped for the floor... the fork lift, the DSD station.. all the RMUs and the hard concrete floor not prettied up at all... just bare and utilitarian.. all of it.

I love warehouses.
I love recieving docks.
I really really really dig all that stuff
SO I really dig recieving.
The guys left at 6... but that was alright.. I did all the hanging .. all 3 pallets of it. (about 30 boxes per pallet.. anywhere from 20 - 50 pieces per pallet.. prehung merchandise... take it out, put it on a roll bar, strip the bags off each piece.. good stuff)
Got a wicked bruise on my arm, got more dirt under my nails than I've had since my last foray into gardening and sweated my ass off.
And it kicked so much ass.
So I earned this kinked up neck
and these shoulders as stiff as bricks.
And I was secretly giddy when James asked me if I'd transfer back there. heheh.
OOOH if only they'd actually let me.

Just being able to use a damned pallett jack everyday.. okay.. yes.. I'm a dork...

but all that utilitarian stuff is just like... office supplies to me...
it's just too damned good.


So I'm in a good mood.. first one I've had for a bit.
And now I'm gonna call mistah lovah lovah and see if we can't continue this mood...

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