A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I had funky funky nightmares last night.
That's a product of not staying the hell out of my bed until I was very ready for sleep.
They weren't the sort of wake you up, gasping for air sort of nightmares. No chases, no monsters, no bad guys.
Just this small, seemingly normal scene with a mounting sense of terror under it.
I don't know why.
But it hath made my sleep shittay.
So I got a couple hours then got up and wandered over to Tim's place so I could have a nice long talk with him. Sean was there too, but he's been too short and pissy with me lately for me to talk to him. We have to work on his issues with me before I can work on these issues I have with him.
Got home, took a shower and discovered that with the sink, the flushing toilets, the washing machine, and the hose going outside that I was left with a very barely lukewarm trickle.
I was verra annoyed. So I turned both taps up as far as I could to try to get SOME water pressure.. have to wash my hair somehow, dammit...
And right as I was getting done it all came on full blast and hit me like a firehose across the chest.
And, after burning myself on coffee, being told I can't use the phone to make my call arounds because someone has been waiting *5* hours for a call from a parts company, and realizing I've got no cigarettes, I went outside with some coffee and found the 4 year old from next door just wandering around. So we had a hide and seek thing around my sister's car for about half an hour before dear old dad called him back over.

so I'm sittin here now, offline, sippin the crack and wondering if I really want to walk up to the store for cigarettes or if I'll just wait and get tim to pick me up some on his way home from work...
Oh the horribly important things I have to decide, eh?


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