A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

ZeeVert: " I ran all the way home" just popped into my head
AzmatiQ: I know not that song for some reason.
ZeeVert: ever go to type 'just a sec' and end up with 'just a sex'?
AzmatiQ: Always
ZeeVert: "I ran all the way home (do wop do wah ooo)
AzmatiQ: ever seen me say 'just a sec'
AzmatiQ: hehe
ZeeVert: Just to say I'm sorry.. (soooorry waaa oooooh)
AzmatiQ: I don't know it, I reckon
ZeeVert: it was in stand by me
ZeeVert: ::nods::
ZeeVert: they sing it
ZeeVert: at the beginning
AzmatiQ: heh
AzmatiQ: oh was it
ZeeVert: when Vern runs to the tree house
AzmatiQ: OH!
AzmatiQ: I do know it.
AzmatiQ: heh
ZeeVert: and he says "I ran all the way from home "
ZeeVert: and they interrupt him and start singin
ZeeVert: and yeah
AzmatiQ: oh yeah
AzmatiQ: You rock.
ZeeVert: huh?
AzmatiQ: I figured I was the only person that just randomly had movie quote informatiojn
AzmatiQ: obscure shit
ZeeVert: oh
ZeeVert: is that obscure?
AzmatiQ: To most people, yeah.
ZeeVert: "Oh billy! We should have never boosted that car! Oh billy! I just turned my fruit of the looms into a fudge factory!"
AzmatiQ: A lot anyhow
AzmatiQ: hehe
AzmatiQ: HAHA
AzmatiQ: I love it because... its wesley crusher ;-)
ZeeVert: it's wesley crusher saying "suck my fat one"
ZeeVert: and then .. "hey, who told you you had a fat one?"
ZeeVert: "biggest one in four counties"
AzmatiQ: NO SHIT
AzmatiQ: hehe
ZeeVert: it's wesley crusher with a leech on his balls

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